Business Listing

What kind of businesses are eligible to List in Search Indie?

Search Indie is a platform for Listing Indian Businesses in Europe. This includes Indian Restaurants, Shops, Events, Yoga Studios, Temples, Indian Dance Schools, Music Schools, Cultural Associations, Regional Associations, Movie Distributors.
If your businesses belong to any of the above category we will be more than happy to list in our platform.

Is there any charge to list businesses in Search Indie Platform?

There is no charge to list businesses in Search Indie Platform.

How do one list their business in Search Indie Platform, what is the process?

Business owner can submit basic information through, Submit Business. Once submitted our team will process the data and list the business, you will be informed once the business is listed.

How can I update information about my business?

Please contact us and send us updated information about your business, we will update it.

Event Ticketing

Do I really need to register an account to buy a ticket?

Registering an account is the only way to purchase a ticket as we need to email your ticket/s and will help to contact you in case of Event Cancellation or any future similar events.

Are there discounts for groups?

Any discount for groups must be approved by the promoter of the event.

Can I purchase by phone?

We dont recommend Phone booking, but in-case of debit card errors, we can assist.
We have Online Chat support , so its best to contact the support team.

Can I make a ticket reservation?

Sorry, we don't reserve tickets so we can be fair to all customers

I don't have a credit card. Can I pay by direct deposit?

Some events allow direct deposit as a purchase method. If it is not the case, email our Support Team and we can help you through

I haven't received an email confirmation. What do I do?

Sometimes emails are not received by customers due to spam filtering from their ISP's. Once you have purchased a ticket, you can log back into your account at any stage to re-print your tickets

I have booked my ticket through iDEAL/Sofort/Bancontact payment method, I still didn't receive my tickets?

iDEAL/Sofort/Bancontact payment method works is a different way outside Search Indie's control. This leads to some challenges.
Once your payment through iDEAL/Sofort/Bancontact is successful , you will be redirected back to Search Indie to complete the transaction. If this doesn't happen, your ticket wont be booked.
So we recommend , if you are using iDEAL/Sofort/Bancontact payment method , please wait for us to complete the transaction once you redirected to iDEAL/Sofort/Bancontact and entered necessary bank details. Your ticket is booked and we will be charged only when you see the Ticket confirmation message with Ticket No.

I paid for the ticket through iDEAL/Sofort/Bancontact, neither did I receive the copy of ticket, still the amount is deducted from my account?

When you book with iDEAL/Sofort/Bancontact payment method , you will only be charged once you see the Ticket booked Confirmation message with the ticket No. If you havent seen this, it means your ticket is not booked.
The amount which you see in your bank statement is in reserved status and will be reverted/released with in 5-8 business days.

When will I receive my hard copy ticket?

We don't mail hard copy tickets. You need to print them off by logging back into your account at any stage and print your purchased tickets.

Do I need to print the ticket?

We prefer to be eco-friendly. Its not required to take printout of the ticket, You can show the ticket you received by email, or you can show the ticket in our App

Why is the event not listed in the Theater website?

You can check with the event organiser regarding the same, but in most cases the reson will be the screening/show is private , which is the reason.

I don't want to/can't attend the event anymore. Can I get a refund?

According to our Terms and Conditions there is no refund policy in cases when the customer (by any reason) could not attend the event

Can I give my ticket to a friend without informing Search Indie?

We won't ask for ID. If your friend trusts the fact that you're giving to him/her the only copy of the ticket that's fine

What happened is the event is cancelled?

It is the responsiblity of the Organiser to inform the customers about cancellation and initiate the refund process. We will act according to the instructions by the organisers.

What happened is the event is postponed ore re-scheduled?

It is the responsiblity of the Organiser to inform the customers about any changes in the event. The same tickets could be used if the event is re-scheduled or postponed.
But in-case if you can't attend the event, you need to contact Event organiser regarding cancellation.

What happens if my card is not accepted or showing error?

Please contact our online Chat support. They will assist you.

How safe is to enter my card details through Search Indie?

Search Indie's Payment processing is completely secured through Rapid SSL.
We dont host the Card Entry screen in our servers, which means we dont know what you are entering into those fields.

Does Search Indie store my card details?

Search Indie DONT store any of your card details in our servers. Our Payment Gateway partner process your card for payments.

Event Ticketing - For Event Organisers

How can I use Search Indie Ticketing Platform?

Search Indie Event Ticketing platform is still in beta phase, we are not open for public. We work closely with Event Organisers so please contact us so we can explore how best we can help you

How long it will take to list my event with ticketing?

We can make an event online with ticketing in less than 15 minutes, if you provide all the necessary information
If the event involves seat booking, we may need few hours to map the seating.

What all information required for an event to go live?

We need following information for an event to go live.

  • Event Name
  • Date/Time
  • Venue
  • Organsier Contact Information
  • Description about Event
  • Ticket Price Information

Does Search Indie Ticketing support Discount Codes?

Yes, Event Organisers can inform Search Indie about Discount Codes and %(Percentage) of discounts which apply to to tickets.

How many Ticket Types Search Indie support?

Event Organisers can have any number of Ticket Type like , Adults Tickets, Kids Ticket , Group Tickets with different Price ranges.

How am I intimated about when tickets are sold?

For every purchase a copy of the ticket is send to the Event Organiser. We also send Notifications through our iOS/Android App to the Organiser for every purchase.

How can I get the list of Users who booked the tickets?

Event Organisers will be provided with dashboard, where they can view the Ticket booking details.
The dashboard will be provided with ,

  • Amount Collected
  • Amount Payable to the organiser deducting Search Indie fees
  • List of all users who booked Tickets with their Email, Phone Nos
  • Tools for Sending Ticket Intimation
  • Tools for Exporting the list to Excel/PDF

When will Search Indie release funds to Event Organsier?

We are flexible about releasing funds, our usual schedule is on the day of the event. But we are flexible to work to work with the Event Organiser according to their needs.

How will Search Indie transfer the ticket amount to Organsier?

We transfer the amount to Event Organiser's Bank Account.

Does Search Indie collect VAT(Value Added Tax) for the Tickets?

No, We dont collect tax on behalf of the Organiser. It is the responsibility of the Event Organiser to pay VAT to the respective Tax offices of their residing country.
Search Indie will only pay VAT for the Service charge we charge for the Tickets we sell.

Is there any fees to enroll for Search Indie Ticketing or any Setup Fees?

There is no Setup Fees, You only pay Service Charge for the Tickets sold.

What happens if the event got cancelled, Will organiser needs to pay any Fees?

If the event got cancelled, Organiser don't have to pay any fees.

What happens if the event got cancelled, How will the tickets booked are refunded?

It is the responsibility of the Event Organiser to inform the users about the event cancellation. Search Indie can refund the tickets with no cost.
It may take upto 5-8 days for the amount to be reflected in the customer's bank account.

Is there any binding period for Event Organisers to be part of ticketing?

No, there is no binding period for the event organisers to be part of Search Indie Ticketing Platform.
But however, we always like to hae a longer business relationship with the event organiser, being part of a long term relationship means you will get early access to our new features, pricing.